Council for Aluminium in Building

Your Doors, Windows & Conservatories

Aluminium is a key material for windows, doors and conservatories because of its strength, low maintenance and other enviable qualities like colour options and heat insulation. All Aluminium needs to keep it clean is washing and wiping which is a major plus with any homeowner. With a wide variety of window designs available and the many security features associated with Aluminium, coupled with being long lasting and low maintenance, it is easy to see why frames and Aluminium are a natural 21st Century pairing. Slender, thermally broken aluminium profiles can increase the transparent areas of windows by up to 20% compared to those equipped with frames made of competing materials. This increase in natural lighting is beneficial for the occupants’ comfort and well being, while at the same time reducing the need for artificial lighting, contributing significantly to the building’s sustainability. When  choosing windows, doors and conservatories use a CAB Member company .