Council for Aluminium in Building

Building Regulations Wales

Below is a list of Approved Documents for Wales and a link to them

Approved DocumentTitle
Part AStructural Safety Available here
Part BFire Dwellings Vol 1
Fire Non Dwellings Vol 2
Available here
Part CResistance to Contaminants and MoistureAvailable here
Part D Toxic Substances Available here
Part E Resistance to SoundAvailable here
Part F Ventilation Available here
Part GSanitation, Hot water Safety and Water EfficiencyAvailable here
Part HDrainage and Waste DisposalAvailable here
Part JHeat Producing Appliances Available here
Part KProtection from FallingAvailable here
Part LConservation of Fuel and Power
L1 A New Dwellings
L1 B Existing Dwellings
L2 A New Non Dwellings
L2 B Existing Non Dwellings
Available here
Part MAccess to and Use of BuildingsAvailable here
Part NGlazing SafetyAvailable here
Part PElectrical Safety DwellingsAvailable here