Council for Aluminium in Building

Building Regulations Northern Ireland

Below is a list of the Technical Booklets for Northern Ireland and a link to them

Technical BookletTitle
BMaterials and workmanshipAvailable here
CSite preparation and resistance to moistureAvailable here
DStructureAvailable here
EFire SafetyAvailable here
F1Conservation of fuel and power in dwellingsAvailable here
F2Conservation of fuel and power in buildings other than dwellingsAvailable here
GResistance to the passage of soundAvailable here
HStairs, ramps, guarding and protection from impactAvailable here
JSolid waste in Buildings Available here
KVentilationAvailable here
LCombustion appliances and fuel storageAvailable here
NDrainageAvailable here
PSanitary appliances, unvented hotwater storage systems and reducing the risk of scaldingAvailable here
RAccess to and use of buildingsAvailable here
VGlazingAvailable here