Council for Aluminium in Building

Building Regulations England

Below is a list of Approved Documents for England and a link to them

Approved DocumentTitle
AD AStructures Available here
AD B1Fire DwellingsAvailable here
AD B2Fire Non Dwellings Available here
AD CSite PreparationAvailable here
AD D Toxic Substances Available here
AD E Sound ResistanceAvailable here
AD F Ventilation Available here
AD GHygieneAvailable here
AD JCombustion and Fuel Storage Available here
AD KProtection from Falling, collision and impactAvailable here
AD LConservation of Fuel and Power
L1 A New Dwellings
L1 B Existing Dwellings
L2 A New Non Dwellings
L2 B Existing Non Dwellings
Available here
AD MAccess to and Use of BuildingsAvailable here
AD PElectrical Safety DwellingsAvailable here
AD QSecurity (New Dwellings)Available here