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Ricoh UK Products

Ricoh’s impressive 53 acre Telford facility uses 35 of EFAFLEX’s high-speed doors. Alan Blakemore, Senior Facilities Engineer, commented, ‘Our relationship with EFAFLEX is exceptional. In my opinion they employ the best door engineers in the industry.’

EFAFLEX have installed a variety of doors including the premium ‘SST’ with its patented spiral design and unrivalled door opening speeds of up to 4 metres per second.

Due to the vast open plan design, Ricoh needed to maintain temperature control, reduce heat loss and minimise energy costs. These highest of high speed doors enable that to be possible, while simultaneously providing dust control in the more sensitive areas.

ProjectRicoh UK Products
LocationTelford, Shropshire
Project value£300,000
SubcontractorEfaflex UK
CAB memberEfaflex UK

SystemA variety of high-speed spiral doors