Council for Aluminium in Building

Corby Savoy Cinema

ProjectCorby Savoy Cinema
LocationCorby, Northamptonshire
Main contractorMulberry Developments
SubcontractorMCS Group
CAB memberPowdertech (Corby)

Aluminium ComponentsRainscreen, cappings & flashings

Aluminium cladding around the cinema has been anodised, with different shaded panels creating an attractive effect. Anodising the flashings would be difficult due to their shape. A consistent shade would not be achieved which would spoil the visual effect as the flashings form a border above and beneath the panels. Powdertech Anomatch was the perfect solution as it provides excellent colour consistency between batches. An Anomatch shade was chosen to match the lighter of the anodised panel shades, anolok 543. Anomatch provides excellent resistance against corrosion. Lower grade aluminium can be used, and turnaround is much quicker than that of anodising.